MR Article on RAFFI Spring 20

Don't Miss These Notable Collection At The Trade Shows Next Week

Raffi: Problems Solved!

“He infuses positivity into all his collections,” notes Kareen Shaya of her dad Raffi Shaya. And in fact, the non-stop traffic each season at the Raffi booth at MRket/Project proves how much Raffi’s retail partners adore his product, customer service, margin potential, and the man himself (who has become our industry’s unofficial life coach, sharing great advice with anyone who needs it. If you’ve got a problem, stop by his booth and odds are good that he can solve it!)

New for the spring 2020 season is an exceptional group of reversible super-soft cotton sweaters in sun-washed shades. Available in crewnecks, Henley’s, quarter zips, and cardigans, these are fabulous transition pieces that will get you noticed on your evening beach stroll or at an overly-air-conditioned restaurant.

Also new, a collection of ultra-lightweight linen shirts, using a special process for an incredibly soft hand, and available in a broad range of solids as well as great prints.

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