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MR Magazine February 2023

She was working at the travel agency where I’d book all my flights; she caught my eye and I said WOW. I called her and asked her to get together for coffee. She had all the qualities I was looking for in a life partner; she met every item on my checklist and I knew she was the one. After a few months of dating, I arranged our entire wedding – booked the hall, printed the invitations, and then asked her to marry me. It was the best ticket I ever bought.

Arlette is a smart woman, kind and generous, beautiful inside and out. I wouldn’t change a thing about her! Early on I asked why should she work somewhere else when we can work together?

At 80 years old, I can honestly say that even with our imperfections, we work perfectly together. My mother used to say that we complement each other, a yin and a yang. And we’re both so proud to have our three daughters running the business.

I can also say that we’ve had no major arguments. As challenges come and go, we each bring our thoughts and concerns to the table, and we find the solution together. As for who’s the boss, that would be me. Raffi is the boss at Raffi, but she’s the boss at home. May we continue to enjoy life, love what we do, and keep on dancing!

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